Latest Watercolor Paintings

by SweetSugarMama on May 21, 2013

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These illustrations are a celebration of empowering girls and women of all ages. It is my message of there is nothing to fear but fear itself. It is never to late to realize that fairy tales are just that….tales. There is nothing more rewarding than to take full advantage of your reality, and make great things happen in your life. Don’t live by someone else’s experiences, live your own. You can accomplish anything you set out to do in real life.

I’m working on pendants, canvas, posters, and upcycled plates with these illustrations, so don’t forget to check out my Etsy store, Cabinet of Pretty Things.

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Little Red Riding Hood Calavera

Alice in Wonderland Calavera

Snow White Calavera



Easy Weekend Home Projects

The hardest thing about having a blog to show people how to do things is to take pics.  Or could it be my ADD mixed in with the extreme excitement of  seeing the outcome of my project come to life that makes picture taking such a waste of precious time.  It kills me!  Once I’m […]

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Graffiti & Old School Art

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Here’s a super easy DIY wall art. I’ve been looking for something to hang above my boys beds.  Something that they’ll enjoy to look at as much as me.  I wanted something that said exactly who each one of them is just by looking at the pictures.  I can’t think of anything better than this. […]

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Superhero Art – DIY

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We just watched Iron Man 3, and I noticed during the previews there’s a bunch of superhero movies coming in the Summer.  Since you are never too old to love a good comic book or movie I decided to honor these great beings that keep our city safe while we sleep at night. There are […]

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The Healthy Juicer’s Bible…I’m Obsessed

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Have you ever seen Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead.   For me this is one of the most powerful documentaries I’ve ever seen.  If you are lacking motivation to get up and kick yourself into a better you, this movie will do it.  In a big way. This is where The Healthy Juicer’s Bible kicks […]

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Cool Gifts for Mother’s Day

I’ve been working hard on my Mother’s Day wish list as hints to my boys :).  I hope this inspires you to make your own or maybe give you ideas on what to buy for the one you call “Yes Mother “(as you exaggeratedly roll your eyes way up North).   As Time Flutters By […]

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Girl’s Japanese Kokeshi Doll Party & DIY Kimono

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Sorry guys, I’ve been busy painting, renovating and soon moving to our home.   I’m really excited about this move.  I’ll finally have a huge room dedicated to my art & crafts (can’t wait)!!! In the meantime…. To keep you guys happy & thinking creative, I’m making this a Freebie Tuesday!   Here’s a party […]

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Spring Planting Markers

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If you’re as excited as me about Summer, you welcome Spring with open arms (that’s until the allergies hit….but that’s a different post altogether). I can’t think of anything better than to plant, plant, plant! So what to plant? Well, here’s a couple of markers I’ve created with the stuff I LOVE to plant during […]

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Does Baking Sharpie on Ceramics Really Work?

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I must confess, I have many failed attempts at art.   So many projects end up in the trash.  This one was no exception.  Not that I let my failed attempts stop me from trying again.  It actually encourages me to ask why and what I can do differently.  Fails help me learn from my […]

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Kid’s Artwork: Make Your Own Plush Figures

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I have to say, this is by far, one of our favorite things to do.  We spent all morning coloring our dolls, and then stuffing and sewing them.  The kids love when their creations come to life.  Put them in an old mints tin (like Altoids), and make a bed or a carrying case to […]

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