Sand Castle Pro

by SweetSugarMama on May 31, 2011

Calling myself a pro at making sand castles is a huge exageration (as you can tell from the pics).  I find the whole process to be a relaxing and enjoyable experience I can share with my boys.  As we get deeper into Summer, my collection of tools becomes larger.  Every kitchen tool becomes a fine building instrument for our creations.  Every shell collected is used to make windows or teeth for our sand people.  Tall walls of sand, seaweed and shells, adorn and protect our kingdoms, offering shelter to all those imaginary people living in each one of our imaginations.

Here’s what my beach bag holds.

  • Plastic knives, butter knives, putty knives
  • Couple of straws to blow the lose sand away from your creation and also if you want to add a flag to your kingdmom.  Make sure to pick these up after you’re done.
  • Soft bristle paintbrushes to brush away the knife marks
  • Spray Bottle to keep your creation moist
  • Shovels, trowels (metal ones work best for larger castles), kitchen tea spoons (to carve small doorways and windows)
  • Bucket to carry water
  • Sunscreen and hat

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