Quick Tip: Play Dates for Boys

by SweetSugarMama on June 7, 2011

Once your kids get to be around 8 or 9, a play date of four or five kids can be a pretty good deal.   I find that a play date with just one or two kids can leave you scrambling to be the entertainment of the event.  If four or five buddies get together, they can entertain each other.  Three friends may not be enough because one may feel left over.  It always works best if it’s four or five.  No more, no less.  All together or they can split up in groups.  It’s the perfect play date in our house.  Why don’t you try it?

Here’s some stuff we always have at our house:

Plenty of Nerf Guns

Skateboards, Scooters and Helmets




Coloring Supplies – Outside by the yard, I lay out paper, markers and crayons.

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