My Favorite Treatments for Pool Hair

by SweetSugarMama on July 14, 2011

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I love Summer but my hair hates it!  I am sporting some serious dry, straw looking hair, so it’s time to hit the pantry.  Some of you have probably used these yourselves or have a favorite of your own.  Drop me a comment and tell me about them.  Here are some of my favorite remedies to take care of my hair and my boys’ hair during these hot Summer months.   Sometimes I go a bit crazy and make a concoction of a couple of different things and the results have always been amazing.

Ketchup is my first go to for my son whose blond.  It acts as a neutralizer when applied to blond hair that’s been turned a not-so lovely shade of green due to the chemicals in the pool. He gets a kick out of his Mom dipping him in ketchup.   After you wash your hair with shampoo, apply the ketchup generously.  Comb it with a wide comb to untangle it, while the ketchup is working its magic.  Let it sit for 45 minutes.  I put a shower cap on so he can play and not get anything dirty.  Rinse and you’re all set.  If you have a serious case of the greens, just repeat the treatment until hair returns to its normality.

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Mayo & Eggs are my favorite ingredients when my hair gets dry and frizzy.  I know mayonnaise is made with eggs but I’ve noticed that mixing an egg in with the store-bought mayo kicks it up a notch.  Especially when my hair feels extremely dry.  The natural oils and vitamins infuse my hair with softness and shine.  I use it right after I shampoo my hair.  I work the mayo & egg mixture in with a wide tooth comb and leave it in for 30 minutes but no longer than an hour.   Then I rinse off the mixture well with warm water.




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