Tribute to Mr. T – How to Dye a Shirt using Blue Glue

by SweetSugarMama on September 12, 2011

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This is so much fun and easy to do.  Bear with me because I used a very light stain on the shirt just to make it look very vintage.  The lighting outside or inside wasn’t all too great so you can’t really appreciate the full effect of the finish product.  However, in person it looks great.  If you want something darker and more vibrant, just use a darker shade of dye for your project.

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Blue Glue (can’t be white)
  • White T Shirt
  • Mixing Bowl
  • Gloves or kitchen utensil to stir
  • Rit or your preferred color dye (can be found at any craft store and even some supermarkets)
  • Top of  a large container lid or something you don’t mind getting stained but big enough to stretch your shirt

Next Step:   Stretch your shirt on the lid so you can write your message or drawing with glue.  Optional:  Wet your shirt first and wring any excess water out before stretching it on the lid.  Wetting it first helps the glue stay in place and not run, usually ending in closed out “e”, “o”, etc.  but if you are doing a big design on your shirt where there’s no letters or small features, a dry shirt should be okay.

Next Step:  Let dry completely.  The letters should be completely dry.  You can rush this process by using a hair dryer….for those impatient people like me…cuz I ain’t got no time for jibba jabba 🙂

Prepare your dye solution.  Make sure to stir well so all the particles of the dye dissolve.  Add mixture into room temperature water.  Remember your dye solution will look darker than what the color will actually turn out to be.

Next Step:  Stick your shirt into the solution until you get the desired color you want.  Remember that a wet shirt will be a few shades darker, so keep this in mind as you soak the shirt.


I took mine out after a couple of minutes because I wanted it almost faded and very vintage looking.  My son wanted it to have that 80s “vintage” look.  Does that make me vintage too?  That sucks!

Next Step:  Wash your shirt in warm soapy water solution for about five minutes, rinse & dry.

….or maybe don’t dry!


Here’s another example of a white shirt dyed using this method.





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