DIY- Hello Kitty Cat Costume

by SweetSugarMama on September 29, 2011

This was my inspiration…..

So I’ve been spending the last couple of days surfing the web for this cat costume to find out they only sell it in Japan.  Well, that’s just great, I can just swing by on my next trip there.  NOT!  What are these folks thinking?  Don’t they know Americans buy this type of junk for their pets too?  So, I did the next best thing to hopping on a plane across the world to shop for my pet.  I decided to make one myself.

Okay people…don’t expect miracles, ya hear!  This is a cheap imitation of the real thing!  At least it won’t cost you an airplane ticket.  At first I thought it would just be cruel to keep this head on my cat for too long.  Long enough to take cute pictures would be plenty for me (“Mom, but it sooooo cute”).  I was armed with the treats she loves, just enough to bribe her into wearing her pretty little head on…if only just for a second.  Instead, she actually didn’t notice she had it on.

I wanted to keep mine light and airy so she wouldn’t be too uncomfortable.

I got the inspiration when I was shopping at Target and noticed this cutie staring back at me and for just $5 bucks.

First step is to cut with an Xacto knife around the eyes and nose.  See below.

BOOOO!!!!  Hallow Kitty

Cut off the head and take the stuffing out.

Fold the edges inside and sew the edges around the head.  If you’re not really good at sewing, don’t sweat it!  Use fabric glue instead.

Once that’s done, cut a white ribbon and sew it around the “neck” of the head.  Again, if you’re not really good at sewing, just use fabric glue to attach the ribbon.

And here it is…our own very Coco acting like a spoiled brat with her costume.  I wish I would have gotten a size bigger doll just so it fell a bit down on her face…..but it’s still cute.

Our own little Hallow Kitty.



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