100 Grand Dressed Apples

by SweetSugarMama on October 21, 2011

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My nieces asked me to make some caramel apples for their high school bake sale and my wheels started turning.  I just can’t make plain caramel apples!  There needs to be a twist to this, somehow.

Why not make my favorite candy bar, 100 Grand, “dress” the apples instead? Brilliant!


Start with branchless, clean apples….duh of course 🙂

Using Popsicle sticks poke a hole right down the center where the branch is.  Kind of like a lollipop.   I’ve used clean branches too and they  work beautifully and give a rustic feel to it but it was way too late to go looking for some.  This is Miami, people…and, of course, it doesn’t help I’m paranoid, okay!

Next heat the caramel candy, (I used Kraft but any will work) on the stove top with two tablespoons of water per bag of caramel candy.  Once melted, dip the apples and cover completely.

Let apples rest for a couple of minutes.

In a bowl half full of Rice Krispies, dunk the apples and press them against the cereal.

Next, melt the chocolate candy melts according to package instructions.

Dip apples in the chocolate and let rest for about 30 minutes.

Decorate apple sticks if you want to get your Martha Stewart on.

By the way….

Put all the Rice Krispies and Caramel you have left over and mix them together.  Make clusters of the mixture and dip the clusters in the leftover chocolate to make your own little 100 Grand bars.

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