DIY Chunky Necklaces Without Hurting Your Wallet

by SweetSugarMama on September 11, 2012

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Hi guys!

Some of you have written to let me know how I inspire you to create. Others have written to let me know you are making money selling stuff you’ve learned to make on my site.  I say Cheers to creating, having fun, and making your pockets a bit greener.  I would love for you to send me pics of what you’ve been up to; I’ll try and get them up on my site.  If you feel that entrepreneurial urge is knocking at your door, then check out my husband’s site daily to get your positive juices flowing or check out his magazine available at the Apple Newsstand, and get some ideas on how to stop working, and start living doing exactly what you love!

Alright, let’s get down to business….


Lately I’ve been obsessing about all the beautiful “eclectic” necklaces at Anthropologie and stores I shop at.  Some are pretty pricey but no need to fret.  I’m sure just like me, you have a drawer full of junk costume jewelry and most of those pieces are either missing a clasp, split into pieces, just not in style anymore, etc.   Well, it’s time to get them all out and give them a new life.

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Costume jewelry you don’t mind breaking apart and transforming into new pieces
  • Ribbon from left over projects, thin belts, charms, embroidery floss in different colors, and anything else you see in your junk drawer that looks pretty. Keep your eye out for fancy ribbons used as handles on shopping and gift bags.  Look around and keep your creativity open.  What’s the worst that can happen?  You can decide to not use it later but have a pile of “stuff” handy to inspire and to work with.
  • Jewelry pliers.  I bought mine from a craft store for a couple of bucks.  You’ll need the pliers to close the jump rings you’ll use to attach charms, sections of chains and whatever else you plan to add to your necklace.
  • Jump rings
  • Clasps – whatever kind…even the kind you find at hardware store.  Isn’t that what these statement pieces are about?  Making a statement!
  • Needle (medium to heavy fabric) & thread.  I used this to attach two pieces of ribbon together or a piece of rope to a ribbon, etc.  You always have the option of making knots instead.

Here’s the first one…

Forever 21 $4 necklace

Plus Embroidery thread

Tie a tight knot around the edge and cut away end.

Separate into two strands.  One Strand you are going to keep close to the edge of the chain’s links while the other you are going to “weave” over and under the opening of the chain.

See below.  It works great if someone can help you by holding one end of the chain (Bailey my son is helping me weave this one).

Here’s other necklaces I made using ribbons, leather and anything else I could find.  I even attached hair accesories with jump rings.

I decided to leave the leather trimmings at the end long.  I used a thin rope, which was actually handles from an old gift bag,  an old leather belt, embroidery thread and different strands of necklaces.  I attached the ends to a big and medium size clasp.


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