Savannah Vacation for Spring Break

by SweetSugarMama on February 5, 2013

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Spring Break is almost here!   Well, kinda….  I’m a Florida girl and we don’t get four seasons here.  We get one….Hot Season.

I can’t believe it’s taken me almost a year to write this post.  I can’t believe it’s been more than a year since I’ve blogged about vacations.  But I did promise some of my friends I would post some pictures of our Spring Break get-away to Savannah, GA.  To answer some of your questions.  1. Did we like it?  No.  We loved it.  Having lived in Georgia, I can’t believe we never made it to Savannah during our time there.  Totally different from any other city we ever visited in Georgia.   2. Is it good for kids?  Yes!  We traveled with my boys, and two of my nieces and nephew (teenagers).  They had as much fun as we did.   Is it worth spending your vacation days going there?  Absolutely!  If you have a week why not pair it up with Disney, Cape Canaveral and St. Augustine, FL. like we did?

Okay, so here it goes….  Some of the pics we took while visiting Savannah on Spring Break.  Enjoy and get planning for your next get-away!

If you’re planning on going, don’t forget to take a Trolley Tour!  A perfect way to know the history of this amazing city.  They also have ghost tours at night that are great fun for the entire crew you’re traveling with.

savanna trip

The trees are eerie and majestic.

savannah georgiasavannahsavannah ga

We thought it would be funny to download an app on our phone called Ghost Radar.  As we were walking past this tombstone, the app said a name of a man.  Victoria happened to look at the name on the stone and it was the same name.  Coincidence?  All I know is that they pretended they were ghost hunters throughout the entire trip.  They had a blast!

savannah ga graveyard

savannah ga


With all the ghost talk…you start to wonder if there’s someone or “something” watching you.

savannah ga

We happened to be there during St. Patrick’s day and the water in the fountains were all green.

savannah georgia

savannah st. patricks


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