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by SweetSugarMama on May 10, 2013

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We just watched Iron Man 3, and I noticed during the previews there’s a bunch of superhero movies coming in the Summer.  Since you are never too old to love a good comic book or movie I decided to honor these great beings that keep our city safe while we sleep at night.

There are way too many superhero men out there, so this one’s for the girls!  However, you can make the canvas out of your personal favorite character.

Here’s what I did:

I found these great comic books at a vintage market and I got them at a great price.  First, I checked when I got home that they weren’t rare or extremely collectible.  You don’t want to rip and cut something that’s worth lots of money.  What’s cool is that the guy selling them had duplicates and we were able to buy one to keep and one to cut.  If you don’t have a flea market or vintage market anywhere around your area, comic book stores have old issues for as little as 99 cents or even Ebay.

what to do with comics

  • Pick the pages or pictures you absolutely love and want to display.  Tear the whole page out.   Don’t cut anything yet.
  • Find a few common paint colors from these pages.  Paint the canvas with these colors.  You don’t have to be an artist to just splatter some paint on there.  If you don’t have a brush,  don’t worry an old rag or paper towel will actually work best.  Work the paint in there.  Check out some examples of what I’ve done this way here…..
  • Once the paint is dry, bring back the pages you ripped out.  Take a look at what you have.  Think of it as making your own movie.  Cut out some of the characters to make it look 3D while leaving bigger scenes just the way they are.  Play with it.  Think of the flow of events happening.  When you’ve decided…start cutting.
  • Work with one cut-out at a time.  Put some Mod Podge glue on the canvas…not on the paper.  You don’t want it to break or tear.  Gently place cut-out on the canvas and smooth the paper out. Work your way around the canvas smoothing any bubbles out, gently.
  • Once it’s dry, I sometimes add paint splatters or glitter.  Whatever I think it may need.  Let dry.
  • Optional:  Finish it off by brushing on a coat of Mod Podge (you do need a brush for this).

Here’s some more pics of the finished product ….

superhero girl canvas paint

super hero girl diy paint decor

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