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by SweetSugarMama on May 20, 2013

The hardest thing about having a blog to show people how to do things is to take pics.  Or could it be my ADD mixed in with the extreme excitement of  seeing the outcome of my project come to life that makes picture taking such a waste of precious time.  It kills me!  Once I’m done with the project, I feel guilty and realize I really should have taken more pics.  Okay…so to say I suck at taking pics, is just an understatement.   But here’s some of the stuff we did this weekend.  I hope it inspires you to get going on your “To Do” list.


Transform Blah Looking Bathroom Lights into Vintage Bathroom  Lights

paint and transform  light fixtures

So I started off with these depressing looking lights. I asked RQ to take them off the wall.  I don’t trust myself with electric things.  I may end up cooking the whole house or myself. Next I carefully (not) took off the glass thingy looking upside down thing.  I discarded them.  Put them in the recycling bin…I hope they can recycle glass like this??? I kept the screws that were used to hold these since I like the way they look. Next I sanded the metal as much as my anticipation let me.

OPTIONAL STEP 1:  I took a black paint Sharpie and I painted around the ridges.  Nothing fancy Just enough to get in folds so when I sanded it down some of the black comes through.

OPTIONAL STEP 2:  I spray painted lightly with Gold  Metallic Rust-Oleum Spray Paint.




I spray painted it with Rust-Oleum Metallic Paint & Primer In One in Oil Rubbed Bronze.

paint your bathroom fixtures

Let it dry completely.  If you did the Optional steps, take a fine sandpaper and lightly work the edges or any ridges your lighting fixture has.  Take it a bit at a time.  I didn’t do all my ridges or edges just on some spots.  This will uncover the gold and black you painted underneath so it doesn’t make it so “perfect” looking.

Next, I used The Original light bulbs (bought at Home Depot).

turn a lighting fixture old

Here’s the finished look.

bronze DIY Bathroom fixtures

make your bathroom fixtures bronze

bronze fixtures vintage looking

Here’s with the lights turned off so you can see the gold and black come through.

Project 2:

Paint Bathroom Walls Ombre

Our whole house is white with hints of blue here and there on cushions, paintings but our walls are all white, most of our furniture is dark wood or white.  We have an OCD with being extra clean so we want white to see what needs to be cleaned.  I’m what you call a Clorox queen.  I know…that’s pretty bad.  No need to write letting me know we both need a shrink.  We agree we do.  But because of this, we love to get as wild as we can with the guest bathroom.

This house is no exception.  The bathroom was just white all over, and did I mention boring?  So I wanted something that when you open the door you expect people to say “Oh, my…”  So I started out wanting Ombre walls sooooo bad!  But I wanted a bit of a twist because Ombre is usually gradual change in one or two shades lighter or darker.  As RQ likes to point out, I can’t do anything easy.  I guess that’s just how I roll.  I wanted brown at the bottom and light blue on top.

So I got a brown shade, then a medium blue and a lighter blue.  I also got a quart of glaze to be able to blend the brown with the blue better.

With an almost dry brush I started with the top light color and worked my way down.  The glaze I used to blend where the colors would meet.  Let me tell you I had a nervous break down when I started blending the blue with the brown.  So much, RQ had to drop working on the sprinklers and grab a brush himself.  He says our finished product is more Mujer than Ombre.  Smart ass!  So I guess I failed at Ombre but something just as nice came out of it.  As a matter of fact, he keeps raving how much he loves the guest bathroom.

Here’s the finished product….

ombre walls

I got my art prints from art.com  .  I placed an old polaroid in front of the toilet (awkward :)) and the panda print on the back of the toilet.  I love the way he’s eating popcorn with 3D glasses.  It makes me giggle…I know, sick.  🙂

bathroom makeover

DIY bathroom color

bathroom art


The boys bought this Polaroid for $5 at a flea market.

decorate with old camera

Project 3:  Making Curtains Longer

I told you we did a lot!   Here’s the 3rd, we actually did a couple more but I can’t include them here it would just be way too long!

So I have these Pottery barn curtains  that I’ve had for a while but the ceiling in the dining room is too high so the curtains don’t reach the floor.

Again, I didn’t take pics…I’m sorry!  I found this fabric shower curtain Cynthia Rowley at Home Goods for $6.  blue white curtain


I cut the length I wanted to attach to my existing curtain, and using fabric glue I glued on the piece I needed.  I bought hooks with the clips at Home Depot and voila my curtains are longer and with the touch of blue and white I needed to make the walls look nicer.

make longer curtains

diy curtains

make curtains longer

Thanks for stopping by!  I hope this inspires you to make at least one change to your space this weekend.

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